How to Fit a Cowboy Hat Guide

Finding the perfect fit for a cowboy hat can make all the difference between looking and
feeling great or being uncomfortable and constantly adjusting your hat. Here's a
comprehensive guide to help ensure you get the right fit for your cowboy hat.
1. Measure Your Head:
a. Tools Needed:
● Cloth measuring tape (flexible)
● A mirror
● A friend for assistance (optional).
b. Procedure:
1. Stand in front of the mirror.
2. Wrap the cloth measuring tape around the circumference of your head, about an
eighth of an inch above your ear, and across the mid-forehead, where you
naturally wear a hat. Ensure the tape is level and firm but tight enough.
3. Measure in inches. This gives you your hat size. (For example, if the
measurement is 22 inches, your hat size would typically be 7).
Understand Hat Sizes:
General Size ChartΒ (for reference only, as sizes may vary by brand):
● Small: 21 1/8” - 21 1/2”
● Medium: 21 7/8” - 22 1/4"
● Large: 22 5/8" - 23"
● X-Large: 23 1/2" - 24"
● XX-Large: 24 1/4" and up

2. Trying the Hat On:
1. Check for Pressure: A well-fitted cowboy hat should sit comfortably on your
head without causing pressure or discomfort.
2. Brow Fit: The hat should sit just above your brow and not hinder your vision.
3. Side Fit: There should be minimal gaps between the sides of your head and the
hat. It should fit snugly but not tight.
4. Back Fit: The back of the hat should cradle the back of your head without
pushing it forward.
5. Adjusting the Fit: If your cowboy hat is slightly large:
● Hat Sizing Tape: This can be purchased from most hat or equestrian
shops. It's a foam tape that's added to the inside band of the hat to make it
fit more snugly. These inserts can be placed under the sweatband to
reduce the hat size.

If your cowboy hat is slightly small:
● Stretching: Some hat shops offer hat stretching services. This process is done
carefully to ensure the hat doesn't lose its shape.
Note on Materials:
Cowboy hats can be made from various materials like felt, straw, or leather. Each
material will have a different feel:
● Felt: Tends to conform to the head shape over time, providing a more custom fit.
● Straw: Less flexible than felt, but often lighter and more breathable.
● Leather: Can be stiff initially but may soften with use.
Hat Care:
An adequately fitted hat will last longer. Store your cowboy hat in a cool, dry place,
preferably on a hat rack or in a box to maintain its shape.
A well-fitted cowboy hat enhances your appearance and makes you feel comfortable.
Always try hats in person if possible and consult the shop's experts to ensure the
perfect fit. Enjoy the style and elegance of the Wild West with a cowboy hat that fits just